Let's spark democracy!

A national campaign is now underway to launch Vision for America as an open-source, citizen platform, a community-created vision for our future. The goal is to be 100% funded by individual donations to remain free and independent. Ideas can overcome ideology, patriots can overcome partisans.

The struggle for democracy...

..is worth it. This is an effort for all citizens to be able to come up on stage, hold the microphone. This is an idea based on listening, working together on common goals. This is democracy.

Ready to take a chance on democracy?

What if every citizen donated just one dollar, and everyone got a chance to decide how to spend the collective funds? Take a chance and donate just ONE DOLLAR to support the work ofEarthwaves to create and launch Vision for America.

There's also a vison for the planet, too.

About Vision for America

This is a citizen platform for voices and solutions, a community-created vision for our future.

"My vision for America, is to help share yours. This is an effort to hear all voices and build a community-created vision for our nation’s future. This is a call for real democracy. Everyone is invited. Vote on the Platform, write an article or a poem, share your art, support a cause or campaign for office – or launch your own. Join me in starting what I believe can be a truly inspiring idea: YOURS."

Founder Ben Mater @ Earthwaves

Maybe this video sums it up:

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